Deluxe Paleo Holiday Tower
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Deluxe Paleo Holiday Tower

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Send a lot of paleo cheer this holiday with our Deluxe Holiday Gift Tower. Two big boxes of goodies including dark chocolates, paleo cookies, dried fruits, nuts, tea and more. Great for groups. 

  • Stone ground dark chocolate - 50% dark with cinnamon
  • Paleo cookies - one full box of chewy all natural cookies
  • Jerky trail mix - grass-fed beef mixed with mulberries, goji, cacao and almonds
  • Apple crisps - organic, crunch dried apples, no added sugar or salt
  • Plantain chips - savory and crunchy, these plantains are all natural and gluten free
  • Pukka organic tea - wild apple and cinnamon with a touch of ginger 
  • Zen Blend coffee - certified organic Arabica coffee (ground) 
  • Organic dried fruit - two snack sized blends; apple cinnamon and tropical
  • Buffalo protein bar - protein on the go, buffalo with cranberries
  • Sweet cherry protein bar - chicken primal bar mixed with sweet cherries 
  • Artisinal pork cracklings - fried pork skin with maple bacon seasoning and a dusting of sea salt
  • Deglet Noor dates - pitted dates with no added sugar 
  • Fruit snack bar - made with apple and chia, no added sugar
  • Pumpkin seeds  - just the seeds, no additives or flavor enhancers; organic
  • Lara bar - made with dates, nuts and dried fruit, two bars
  • Cherry Berry fruit mix - crunch dried fruit mix with apple, cherries, blueberries and strawberries
  • Almonds - whole, nonpareil almonds, no salt added
  • Pistachios, cashews - jumbo, dry roasted and lightly salted
  • Wild Berry snack mix - an organic mix of nuts, seeds and berries
  • Chocolate honey patties - a dark chocolate shell made from 100% cocoa is filled with 100% organic raw white honey blended with natural flavors
  • Dark Chocolate buttons - rich and smooth, you'd never guess that these have no dairy or soy

All hand arranged in a two tier tower of gift boxes. Topped with a colorful Christmas bow.

  • Gift tower is approximately 9" tall, base is 8" x 8"
  • We're sorry, gift wrapping is not available for this item.
  • Bow/ribbon may be a different pattern than shown.
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