Enchanted Paleo Holiday Hatbox
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Enchanted Paleo Holiday Hatbox

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Indulge them in a holiday bounty! This lovely hatbox is filled with treats including smoked salmon, organic tea, acacia honey, dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit and more. 

  • Pukka tea - 100% organic blend of rose, chamomile, elderflower and lavender flowers; caffeine free, USDA certifed organic
  • Acacia honey - organic and raw, sustainably sourced from the Jammu region of the Himalayan Mountains. 
  • San Francisco Bay coffee - Colombian Supremo, gourmet Arabica coffee blend (ground)
  • Dark chocolate mint crunch - 67% dark with peppermint crisps, organic and Fair Trade
  • Macadamia nuts - oven roasted, with sea salt
  • Wild berry snack mix - an organic mix of nuts, seeds and berries
  • Chocolate honey patties - a dark chocolate shell made from 100% cocoa is filled with 100% organic raw white honey blended with natural flavors
  • Organic fruit medley - whole fruits are dried then infused with water to make them moist and flavorful; no sugar added, unsulfured
  • Wild smoked salmon - Northwest style, smoked pink salmon
  • Cashews - raw and organic, unsalted
  • Organic fruit squares - sweet mango blended with açaí
  • Stone ground dark chocolate - 50% dark with cinnamon
  • Simple Squares bar - a great on the go snack; no wheat, sugar, dairy or soy
  • Grass-fed beef and free-range turkey snack sticks - no nitrates or MSG added
  • Sweet cherry bar - chicken primal bar mixed with sweet cherries
  • Almonds - all natural, nonpareil, dry roasted
  • Paleo cookies - chewy, all natural cookies, maple raisin flavor

All hand arranged inside a lovely pink hatbox and secured with a sparkling purple snowflake bow (see photo inset). 

  • Gift size is approximately: 10" dia x 6"H
  • We're sorry, gift wrapping is not available for this item. 
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