Paleo Goodie Gift Basket
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Paleo Goodie Gift Basket

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Filled with paleo goodies! This basket comes with a wide variety of paleo goodies including organic tea and coffee, protein snacks, dried fruits, nuts and snack bars. 

  • Organic Cinnamon Apple tea - combines the flavors of sweet cinnamon and apples in a base of mild organic black tea
  • Organic Spiced Raspberry tea - blends the flavors of ripe raspberries, cinnamon and cloves in a robust organic black tea
  • Zen Blend coffee - certified organic Arabica coffee (ground)
  • Plantain chips - savory and crunchy, these plantains are all natural and gluten free
  • Beef bites- 100% grass-fed beef with cranberry and sriracha
  • EPIC protein bar -  get some protein on the go, free of gluten, soy and dairy
  • Tanka Buffalo protein bar - protein on the go, buffalo with cranberries, original flavor
  • Almonds - all natural, nonpareil, dry roasted
  • Jumbo pistachios - dry roasted and salted
  • Grass-fed beef snack sticks - no nitrates or MSG added
  • Crunch dried fruit - crunchy dried fruit with nothing added; Apple Harvest and Tropical Blend
  • Thunderbird bar - Nut and seed snack bar made with dates, nuts and a special berry mix (golden, goji and mulberry)
  • Lara bar - made with dates, nuts and dried fruit, these bars are tart and sweet with just the right amount of chewiness
  • Cashews -  all natural, dry roasted and lightly salted

All hand arranged in a reusable seagrass basket, wrapped with recyclable cello and topped with a colorful bow. 

  • Gift size is approximately: 11" x 6" x 9" 
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