Paleo Snacks Gift Basket
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Paleo Snacks Gift Box

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Treat them to their own personal stash! Snack sized paleo treats including protein bars, nuts, dried fruit and snack bars make a great gift for your favorite snackers.  

  • Tanka protein bar - buffalo bar with cranberries 

  • Almonds - all natural, nonpareil, dry roasted

  • Wild berry mix -  - an organic mix of nuts, seeds and berries

  • Jumbo pistachios - dry roasted and salted

  • Plantain chips -  - savory and crunchy, these plantains are all natural and gluten free

  • Apple Harvest - a blend of crunch dried apples

  • Tropical Blend - crunch dried blend of apple, banana, mango and pineapple

  • Fruit snack bar - made with apple and chia, no added sugar

  • Lara bar - this paleo favorite is made with dates, nuts and fruit

  • Paleo cookies - two chewy all natural cookies, individually wrapped

  • Chocolate honey patties - a dark chocolate shell made from 100% cocoa is filled with 100% organic raw white honey blended with natural flavors; mint and pomegranate

 Your choice of packaging:

  • Gold box with gold ribbon (Elegant Gold) 
  • Red box with Christmas ribbon (Christmas - red & green)
  • Silver box with blue and silver ribbon (Holiday - blue & silver)
  • White box with Happy Birthday ribbon (Happy Birthday)

Gift wrapping is available for this gift (select a packaging option first, then the gift wrap checkbox becomes available). 

  • Warm weather notice: When the temperature hits 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above,  we will make substitutions for the chocolate.
  • Christmas/Holiday ribbon may be a different pattern than shown.



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